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A Gathering of Illustrators

All participating artists are active members of Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan. 

Iori Espiritu IG- Dog Party_edited_edited.jpg

Iori Espiritu

Fran Alvarez IG-Should_I_Go.jpg

Fran Alvarez

Aldy Aguirre IG-Aldy Aguirre-Ritual before the Storm.jpg

Aldy Aguirre

Rommel Joson IG-RommelJoson-Imagineer.jpg

Rommel Joson

Angela Taguiang IG - Order.jpg

Angela Taguiang

Jamie Bauza IG-JamieBauza-Storytime.jpg

Jamie Bauza

Joza Nada IG-Joza Nada_The Women In My F

Joza Nada

Aaron Asis IG - Gathering II.jpg

Aaron Asis

Ivan Reverente IG-Ivan-Reverente_Sustainable-Connections.jpg

Ivan Reverente

Liza IG-Liza-Flores_Out-of-the-Woods.jpg

Liza Flores

Pergy Acuna IG - Doktor Kwak Kwak 1.jpg

Pergy Acuna

Harry Monzon IG-HarryMonzon-SacredRitual.jpg

Harry Monzon

Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan is the Philippines' first and only organization of illustrators dedicated to children's illustration. 

Ang INK strives to enrich and elevate the visual art of illustration while contributing to the continued professionalization of the industry. While primarily illustrating for children, Ang INK has claimed its place as an organization—creating art not just for children but for all who are young at heart!

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